Oktober Zero

Hailing from The Bronx, the NY-Rican born Oktober has seen, heard, and lived Hip Hop in its purest form. Using this knowledge of Hip Hop music and culture, Oktober paints vivid pictures through lyrics about himself and his environment, money, his people’s struggle, poverty, raw experience on the streets, graffiti art, run-ins with the law, issues in the home, political conspiracy, religion, drugs, and having sex with random women. In saying his share about society’s ills, Oktober’s solution is simple: be the Hip Hop VANDAL, who knows no rules, laws, government, or boundaries, and aims to obtain fortune and prosperity at the end of his mission.

Though “zero” is the beginning of everything, Oktober the artist is no beginner. Oktober began showcasing at open mics across NYC in the late 90’s and met the legendary DJ/urban tastemaker Bobbito Garcia. He invited the then recordless Oktober on to his CM Famalam Radio Program where Oktober spit an impressive freestyle which got him noticed by Son Doo Records who signed him and released his first vinyl single “It Was War/Infinite Echoes.” Oktober’s follow-up single “When Your Empires Collapse” was an eerie description of apocalyptic ruins and urban destruction. Oktober went on to release many vinyl singles and classic underground albums such as “projekt:BUILDING”, father of the single “NYC” and “Reset The Game” which gained Billboard chart fame,”The Art of RAW” who’s controversial single “12 Cops Shot” made New York Post headlines, and “The Devil Smokes Dimebags.” Oktober has currently worked with the iconic DJ Premier and released the underground smash single “U Gotta Love Us” along with the crew House Of Repz. Oktober has even flexed his skills on camera when he starred in the Universal motion picture “6 Brothaz In A Cadillac.”

  1. do you know the origininal song of this instrumental??
    i really would like to have this track

    1. we’ll have to check with producer, Mr. Cave Precise! almost all of his beats had Top Secret ingredients…

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